Septic Tips

If you are looking for ways to maintain the health of your system, follow these simple tips to help keep your septic system worry free and functioning properly.

What you should NOT do

  • Don’t overload the tank and drain field. Excessive water usage may result in filling your tank faster.
  • Never use your toilet as a garbage disposal. This will quickly result in a clogged system
  • Don’t pour grease down the drain. It can and will clog your drain field, requiring the construction of a new one
  • Never introduce hazardous materials like paints, varnishes, and oils into the system. It will result in damage to your system and can pollute ground water
  • Don’t drive, build, or cover any part of your system with concrete or asphalt

Things you should do

  • Divert excess rainwater from the drain field
  • Avoid excessive daily water usage
  • Keep trees 100ft or more away from the system
  • Use garbage disposals wisely
  • Minimize use of heavy duty cleansers
  • Perform regular system maintenance
  • Get system inspections
  • Pump your system when it needs it
  • Plant grass to help prevent soil erosion

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