Septic FAQs


How often should I have my tank serviced?

This depends on household size, the size of the tank, and how you use your system. However, on average, a family of 4 with a 1000 gallon tank should expect to have it pumped every 3 to 5 years.

What will it cost me to have my tank pumped?

We determine this by the size of your tank and if the lids of your tank are buried under soil. To help reduce costs, always keep the lids of your tank easily accessible for maintenance and pumping.

How do I locate my tank?

In most cases, on systems less than 20 years old, you should be able to see a plastic cap extending from the ground to the surface. You may also be able to see the outline of your tank during the dryer months of summer. If you’re still having troubles finding your tank we can help you locate it.

What am I looking for?

Most septic tanks have two lids that are either made of plastic or concrete with one located near each end of the tank for pumping. In very old tanks, there may only be one lid located in the center of the tank.

Why is my alarm going off?

This may be the result of exceeding the maximum amount of waste pumped per day, your reserve tanks may be full, or your pump may have failed. If your pump has failed, you’ll need to contact a professional.

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